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Day 90 is currently in Post-production. It was shot on Martha’s Vineyard this past December. It is the story of Nettie Harper, a young, quick-witted mom struggles through her final day of mandatory sobriety in order to gain visitation rights to her daughter, fueling the ultimate question: can 90 days of compulsory sobriety lead to a life time of it?

We are fiscal sponsorship by Fractured Atlas. Please make a tax deductible donation. All you have to do is click here.

Click here to see more about Day 90.


Black Horn Night Heron 

Will be screening at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival this March, 2014.

Watch Trailer


  1. Ms. Ditchfield, I experienced your trailer. Broken reception on my Mac OS 10.4.11 and Windows 8. But, that is only technical stuff that is not too important. Also, I have read all of your site. I am a One Person Filmmaker (trueblueindie) living in Washington, DC. I have never had any aspiration to Hollywood or television. (SunDance is a joke.) I am eager to see all of Black Horn Night Heron. It will be good for me because my impression of Singapore is that is a percolating center for hypercapitalism. From your trailer, there is much for me to learn. Please, keep me in your loop. All the best at the Hauses der Kulturen.

    1. Hi David, thanks you so much for your interest. Although, Singapore is a very capitalistic culture, it has a lot to offer in other ways as well. Nothing is ever exactly as it seems on the outside as I think we all learn the more experiences we have out in the world. Black Horn Night Heron although produced from Singapore was actually shot in Svey Lear, a small Village 70 KM North East of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Since BHNH is currently running in the festival circuit I can’t make the film public on the internet but when that is possible I will most definitely let you know. All the best, Miriam.

      1. Souper! Miriam, I will be expecting your notice that BHNH is available to us distant birds in the sky/miniscule pallid slugs scrunched under giant boulders. Frankly, you only whetted my enthusiasm further that it was shot in Cambodia!

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