Black Horn Night Heron


Next screening at Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival this March, 2014.

63_IFB_Generation_bw copy

Black Horned Night Heron is the tale of Heng, 10-years-old, a tender young boy living in a small Cambodian village near Beng Mealea temple. While traveling to school with his best friend, Heng is convinced he sees the spirit of his dead mother on an old television for sale in a roadside shop. Convinced that this old TV is the conduit, which upon purchase will bring her back to life, he enlists the help of his cocksure and entrepreneurial best friend Mao. Mao, however, sees a grand business opportunity selling tickets to watch their TV.  They secretly give tours at Beng Mealea temple to raise the money needed. Once the TV is theirs, however, everything changes as their competing emotional needs come into direct conflict. Their friendship frays – like a rope twisted too tight – as they must come to terms with who they are individually and to each other. Equal footing must be found, but at what cost?

Shot on Location in Cambodia, Black Horned Night Heron is a story of humanity. What those boys decide to do, where the adventure leads, and the lasting effect it has on their friendship will shape their lives forever. A film with the heart of Rob Reiner’s Stand by Me and the energy of Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire; Black Horn Night Heron is a coming of age story that captures the struggle, excitement, and determination of the first generation to come of age in post Khmer Rough Cambodia.

Black Horn Night Heron Trailer


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