Day 90


Day 90 is currently in Pre-production. It is slated to shoot on Martha’s Vineyard this coming December. It is the story of Nettie Harper, a young, quick-witted mom struggles through her final day of mandatory sobriety in order to gain visitation rights to her daughter, fueling the ultimate question: can 90 days of compulsory sobriety lead to a life time of it?

Here is a little about my inspiration:

Idyllic, affluent, picturesque, presidential. Most people regard Martha’s Vineyard as a charming New England summer getaway. And it is. But when the population drops with the temperature, leaving the locals on a small, grisly, desolate, rock in the middle of the Atlantic, it’s not difficult for residents to find themselves beneath a cold, dark cloud.

I’ve watched a number of people close to me cripple their lives with drugs. But drug rehabilitation can be a powerful thing when the person is ready. Help is out there, but there must be options. Like everything else, no one treatment will work for every individual.

Luckily, Suboxone® (Buprenorphine – opioid addiction treatment) is prescribed on Martha’s Vineyard, but only by two private doctors and if an addicts require something else (such as Methadone), they must commute over an hour off the island. This inconvenience, along with the social stigmas with which society burdens those who take Suboxone® or Methadone (despite living sober lives), renders routine and “normal” life terribly difficult for people who have fallen into addiction on the Vineyard.

To me, an individual going through opioid addiction treatment is as sober as someone taking antidepressants, thyroid pills, insulin, or any medication that helps her lead a “normal” life. I only say “normal” in quotes because I don’t believe anyone is “normal.” We’re human, but we should be able to get ourselves out of bed in the morning, go to work, strive for happiness, cook dinner and raise our children if we have them.

But this is not a film about stigmas surrounding opiate blockers in an island community. At its heart, DAY 90 is about an individual knowing within herself when she is ready to take on the challenge of sobriety. In the battle for personal perseverance, change can only come from within one’s self.

Our main crew is set and slated to be on the Vineyard in the next few weeks. Here are our awesome collaborators bios:

The Crew: The core crew of DAY 90 met in Singapore while working toward their MFA at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Asia. Together, as a shape-shifting team, they have worked on over six films in four different countries, namely: Miriam Ditchfield’s BLACK HORN NIGHT HERON shot in Cambodia; Anand Kishore’s RAMAN shot in Kerala, India; Peng Chen’s TALISMAN shot in the Guizhou province of China; Annalise Leonelli’s REMISSION, Melanie Ramos’ LAST TEA PARTY, and Brett Rogstad’s DEVIANT INK, all shot in Singapore.

As individuals they’ve worked on over 100 productions in 15 different countries.

Miriam Ditchfield (director/writer), a Martha’s Vineyard native, received her Bachelor’s degree from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts in playwriting. After many years of switching between traveling and being on the business side of the arts, she returned to graduate school for film direction. She has directed two documentaries and three narrative short films; assistant directed three commercials, two music videos and ten short films in Singapore, China, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and India. BLACK HORN NIGHT HERON, her 2012 short film shot in Svey Lear, Cambodia, premiered at the Berlinale International film festival and is currently playing the film festival circuit.  THE FACES OF SINGAPORE, a short documentary she and Mr. Kishore last collaborated on, is currently in post-production. Although she hopes her work will continue to take her around the world and bolster a new sentiment of being, nothing is more exciting than getting the opportunity to film in her hometown. DAY 90 is very close to her heart, as the film highlights a struggle that effects the Vineyard community in large numbers, including people with whom she is very close.

Anand Kishore (director or photography), a Madras native, received his Bachelor’s in visual communication from Loyola College in Chennai, India, and completed the cinematography course at Mindscreen Film Institute in Chennai.  He worked as assistant director for two years on the acclaimed Malayaman historical film KERALA VARMA PAZHASSI RAJ, directed by Hariharan. He has been the director of photography on eight short films shot throughout Asia, including Cambodia, India, China, and Singapore. He won Best Student Cinematographer at the Palm Springs ShortFest for MONG (China) directed by Yanqiu Fei. He and Miriam have worked together on multiple projects including her latest documentary THE FACES OF SINGAPORE (post production) and her previous short BLACK HORN NIGHT HERON.

Melanie Ramos (producer), a Sacramento, California native, graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Television, Film and New Media. Melanie worked on projects that focused on Filipino American Issues and Culture throughout California before returning to get her Masters degree at Tisch. Melanie has produced and directed several short films throughout Asia. Her most recent shorts include LAST TEA PARTY (CAAMFest 2013) and DELIVER HER (Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2013). She recently wrapped shooting Robbin Rae McCulloch’s thesis film OAKLAND IN BLUE, and is eager to join Miriam on Martha’s Vineyard. Melanie and Miriam have worked together in many.

Robbin Rae McCulloch (assistant director), an Oakland, California native, received her Bachelor’s degree from Cal State East Bay. After years of teaching video production to youth outreach students at local high schools around Oakland, Robbin decided to strive for her own dreams of creating films, which lead her to pursue her MFA at Tisch Asia. She has directed four narrative shorts and two short documentaries in addition to assistant directing, sound mixing and producing over twenty other short films in Asia. For her first project back in the United States Robbin shot, OAKLAND IN BLUE, in her hometown.

Annalise Leonelli (production designer), a Massachusetts native, graduated from Rutgers University with an irrelevant Liberal Arts degree before diving headfirst into a short-lived, three-pronged career which consisted of producing short videos for a commercial real estate company, selling pre-production software, and serving food and cocktails to the people of New York City. Within a year she decided to enroll at NYU’s Tisch Asia in pursuit of an MFA in film production. There she has written, produced and directed three short narrative films and one short documentary. She has crewed on over twenty additional shorts in Singapore, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. She looks forward to wetting her American production feet in her home state on the set of DAY 90.

If you are interested in funding this project, being an extra or just plain interested please contact Miriam directly via this site 

or at

Please check back soon for more information about cast, crew and how you can help.

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